Student Activity Trust Fund


In order to promote student involvement and interest in the field of mathematics, the Student Activities Trust Fund provides financial support to qualified organized student activities. Examples of qualifying activities include Math Field Days, Problem Solving Contests, Honors Math Contests, and Mathematics Olympics.

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  1. Only current CMC members are eligible to apply for the grant.
  2. Application forms for financial support must be submitted by January 25th or September 25th of each year. 
  3. The grant will be for no more than 50% of the student activity budget, excluding food costs, stipend, etc., as stated in the application.
  4. The student activity to be supported must be in the field of mathematics.
  5. Sponsor recognition must be given to the California Mathematics Council Student Activity Trust.
  6. The activity should be consistent with the goals of CMC and the NCTM Standards.
  7. Indicate the number and demographics of students being served by an activity or event when filling out the “report of funded activity” form. This report is due 30 days after the event has been held.
  8. The application must be submitted online

Donation Information

Donations are most appreciated to help us carry on this important work that directly benefits California’s students, and all donations are tax deductible.  You may make a donation online or mail your check in any amount to:

Chris Tsuji
CMC Student Activity Trust Fund
670 Choctaw Dr.
San Jose, CA  95123

Award Information:

  1. The Student Activities Committee will meet in October to act on applications received.
  2. Priorities for requests will be set as follows:
    • affiliate sponsored activities,
    • larger area serviced (statewide, inter-county, county-wide, etc.)
    • smaller area serviced.
  3. Awards will be made as soon as applications are approved, no later than December 1st of each year.
  4. A full financial and activity report must be submitted by the recipient within 30 days of the activity.
  5. If not all the student Activities Trust Fund budget is allocated, consideration will be given to late applications in the order in which they are received.

Click to submit your application online.

Submit your Report of Activities after your event.

For questions or additional information please contact Brian Lim at [email protected].