Professional Resources

Here are some resources that are related to the teaching profession. Professional organizations specific to mathematics, credential information for future teachers, and links to the California Mathematics Project which offer teachers an opportunity to grow as a professional.

Benjamin Banneker Mathematics Association

The Benjamin Banneker Association is a national non-profit organization dedicated to mathematics education advocacy establishing a presence for leadership, and professional development to support teachers in leveling the playing field for mathematics learning of the highest quality for African-American students.

California Department of Education (CDE)

This site has information for educators regarding, but not limited to, state assessments, content standards, frameworks, and specialized programs.

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)

Information on credentials and becoming a teacher.

California Mathematics Project (CMP)

These partnerships between universities and colleges and their local school districts. The mission of the CMP is to develop and enhance K-12 teachers’ content knowledge and instructional strategies, aligned with the California State Board of Education adopted California Mathematics Content Standards and Framework.

California On-Line Mathematics Education Times (COMET)

This is a weekly news journal designed for mathematics educators and educational leaders. COMET features useful and timely information on current educational issues, web resources, professional events and opportunities, and news articles from California and across the nation.

Computer Using Educators  (CUE)

CUE provides leadership and support for educators to advance student achievement in the educational technology community. Conference and workshop information.

Ed.D. Programs

This site has the following information:

  • A comprehensive list of every EdD in Mathematics, Math Leadership, and related fields.
  • The details of what to expect from EdD coursework, admissions, dissertations, and more.
  • Career and professional development opportunities in the field, plus salary information.

Elementary Mathematics Specialists and Teacher Leaders (EMS&TL) Project

The EMS&TL Project has established the Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader program (EMIL) as an integral and growing component of McDaniel College’s Graduate and Professional Studies program and, in 2010 McDaniel College became the first college/university in the state of Maryland to receive Maryland State Department of Education approval for the Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader (EMIL) certification endorsement.  The Project has also established and expanded on its national clearinghouse website.  The website which will soon surpass over 100,000 hits includes the following sources of information relative to the work of the elementary mathematics specialists: school district-based initiatives which involve elementary mathematics specialists; college and university graduate level programs for mathematics specialists;state certification guidelines for elementary mathematics specialists; publications ranging from texts to testimonies, and the more recent discussion forum which includes the soon to be popular “This Worked!” activities for specialists.

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM)

NCSM is a mathematics leadership organization for educational leaders that provides professional learning opportunities necessary to support and sustain improved student achievement.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

NCTM is a public voice of mathematics education, providing vision, leadership and professional development to support teachers in ensuring equitable mathematics learning of the highest highest quality for all students.

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is a national  organization that advocates for 21st century readiness for every student. As the United States continues to compete in a global  economy that demands innovation, P21 and its members provide tools and resources to help the U.S. education system keep up by fusing the three Rs and four Cs (critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation). While leading districts and schools are already doing this, P21 advocates for local, state and federal policies that support this approach for every school.


TEACH California is a Web site administered by the California Department of Education (CDE). With the understanding that California faces a great shortage of special education, mathematics, and science teachers, the site is designed to explain the teacher preparation process, assist prospective teachers in creating their plan to become credentialed teachers, and offer links to important resources. The CDE is pleased to support and further develop TEACH California, whose original design and structure was created by CalTeach (California Center for Teaching Careers), a program administered by the California State University Chancellor’s Office.

TODOS (Mathematics for All)

Their mission is to advocate for an equitable and high quality mathematics eduction for all students by increasing the equity awareness of educators and their ability to foster students’ proficiency in rigorous and coherent mathematics.