Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

PAEMST-Program-Logo_NavyThe Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) is the nation’s highest commendation for K-12 math and science teachers. It recognizes a combination of sustained and exemplary work, both in, and outside, the classroom. Each award includes a grant of $10,000 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) directly to the recipient (no longer to the school). Awardees use the money at their discretion to promote math and science education. Awardees also receive an expense-paid trip to Washington, DC, during which each receives a certificate signed by the President. Awardees also attend seminars and engage in professional discussions with their peers and with national legislators and education policy-makers. Awardees also receives a selection of gifts from private-sector contributors to the program. In Mathematics, California selects up to 3 finalists. The level for the awards now alternates; secondary teachers apply in odd years; elementary teachers apply in even years.

Forms will be available to elementary teachers for the award in October. Teachers applying for the PAEMST must be nominated. Anyone (e.g., principals, teachers, students, and other members of the public) may nominate a teacher. Self-nominations are also accepted. The nomination and application forms may be downloaded from the PAEMST website.

Teachers must submit their completed application packets by May 1. The application is done online; supporting documents are uploaded there.

For additional information or questions, please contact Donna Goldenstein.

California Awardees

  • 2020: Kamphet Pease
  • 2019: Brian Shay
  • 2018: Megan Smith
  • 2017: Andrew Walter
  • 2016: Gabriela Cardenas
  • 2015: Maria McClain
  • 2014: Andrew Kotko
  • 2013: Marianne Chowning-Dray
  • 2012: Jamie Garner
  • 2011: Kentaro Iwasaki
  • 2010: Kathleen McCarthy
  • 2009: Sean Nank
  • 2008: Susan Kunze
  • 2007: Jeff Luscher
  • 2006: Tapp Hancock
  • 2005: Margaret Cagle
  • 2004: Valarie Rose-Piver
  • 2003: Ana England
  • 2002: Pam Mason, Charaline Maxim
  • 2001: Leanna Baker, Christopher Shore
  • 2000: Sandra Gilliam, Sandy Hindy
  • 1999: Diana Herrington*, Cynthia Housheer
  • 1998: Jeanne Shimizu, Enid Stagg
  • 1997: Carol Piercy, Holly Piangerelli
  • 1996: Michelle Chenal-Ducey, Maryann Wickett
  • 1995: Marlys Brimmer, Beverly Oliver
  • 1994: Donna Goldenstein, Gary Tsuruda
  • 1993: Ann Carlyle, Grant McMicken
  • 1992: Glenys Bell, Judith Flores
  • 1991: Roberta Koss, Vicki Newman
  • 1990: Katherine Layton, Christina Myren
  • 1989: Harold Taylor
  • 1988: Harold Jacobs
  • 1987: Ronald Smith
  • 1986: Sanderson Smith
  • 1985: Sheila Berman
  • 1984: Lyle Fisher*
  • 1983: Clyde Corcoran*


Frequently Asked Questions:

For more information on PAEMST including the selection process, requirements for nominees, its history, and the role of CMC in the selection and establishment of the awards, go to: Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics & Science Teaching

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