Edward Begle Memorial Award


Mathematics education is much more complicated than you expected, even though you expected it to be more complicated than you expected. -Edward Begle

The Edward Begle Memorial Award may be conferred on an educator or educators who have, for a sustained period of time, been supportive of CMC activities, have offered continual encouragement, and have been actively involved in California mathematics. This may be a college professor, a district superintendent, a mathematics supervisor, a member of the California Department of Education, or any other deserving educator.

Throughout California there are a number of truly outstanding educators, whose presence brings with it strength based on experience, service, success, and vision. These are the educators that CMC endeavors to honor with the Edward Begle Memorial Award.

Previous recipients of the Edward Begle Award are:

  • 2020: Kyndall Brown
  • 2019: Hope Bjerke
  • 2018: Kathlan Latimer
  • 2017: Jean Toshima
  • 2016: Tom Sallee
  • 2015: Patrick Callahan
  • 2014: Richard Thiessen
  • 2012: Carol Fry Bohlin
  • 2011: Scott Farrand
  • 2010: David Foster
  • 2009: Crystal Mills
  • 2008: Rick Marks
  • 2007: Joe Fiedler
  • 2006: Harold Asturias
  • 2005: Sara Munshin
  • 2004: Kathy Woods
  • 2003: Tom Lester, Elizabeth Sullivan
  • 2002: Marea Channel, Elizabeth Stage
  • 2001: Joanne Rossi Becker, David Pagni, Julian Weissglass
  • 2000: Judy Anderson, Nicholas Branca*
  • 1999: Jon Frank, Paul Giganti
  • 1998: Ellen Lee
  • 1997: Ruth Cossey, Judith Mumme
  • 1996: Walter Denham*, Leigh Childs
  • 1995: Linda Dritsas, Vance Mills, Tony Spears
  • 1994: Gerlena Clark, James Smart*
  • 1993: Janet Trentacosta
  • 1992: Gail Lowe Parrino, Jean Kerr Stenmark
  • 1991: Joan (Akers) Mitchell
  • 1990: Bob Hamada

(* Deceased)

Edward Begle Award Nomination

Nominations are now being accepted for the Edward Begle Memorial Award. As you think about a nominee, please keep in mind that the person you nominate should be one of the two or three finest mathematics education leaders that you have ever known.  Since this award is a statewide award, your nominee should be well-known throughout California, not just in a section or region.

Send the following information by September 1 to be considered for this year’s award:

Please provide the following information about the Nominee:

  1. Name
  2. Home Address, City and zip
  3. Home Phone
  4. School Affiliation
  5. Years of experience in education

Nominator’s name and contact information (email and phone number).

In one or two pages, explain

  • why this nominee is an exceptional educator
  • how this nominee has supported and encouraged the mission of CMC.

Additional information may be needed to help gather background information in support of the nomination.  Please include the names and contact information for other people who could be contacted.

Return by September 1 to:

Rebecca Lewis
CMC Awards Chair