CMC Infinity Wall

The California Mathematics Council was founded in 1942 when a small group of mathematics teachers met at Stanford University to form an organization for sharing information. Within months the membership had grown into the hundreds and was spread throughout the state. In June of 1943 the first edition of the CMC Bulletin (now the ComMuniCator) was published. The first CMC events were teacher workshops held at Claremont and Stanford Universities. In 1948 the Council created two regional sections within the state—northern and southern—to provide better services to the growing membership. A central section was added a few years later. George Polya and Brother Alfred Brousseau were instrumental in the founding and early development of the council.

To paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton: CMC is able to do the many things we do to support teachers and quality mathematics education simply because we have “…stood on the shoulders of giants”—the many outstanding leaders in the history of CMC that have shown us the way.

These pages are dedicated to the memories of outstanding deceased CMC leaders who have had significant, sustained, and statewide impact on our organization, teaching, and mathematics education.

CMC is pleased to honor:

Nicholas Branca
The Consummate Mathematics Educator
  Lyle Fisher
Co-Founder of the CMC Student Activity Trust
  Kay Gilliland
Leader for EQUITY in Math Education

Diana Herrington
Passionate Mathematics Educator
and Mentor

  Mary Laycock
Ground-Breaking Female Math Educator
  Crystal Mills
Graphic Artists and CMC Volunteer
George Polya
The Father of Problem Solving

Jean Stenmark
Leader, Author, Mentor, and Asessment Innovator 

  Mike Contino
CMC's First Executive Secretary